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Executive Director and Co-Founder: Celestine Ezinkwo 

Celestine Ezinkwo is the founder and Executive Director of CryOut!.  He was born and raised in Nigeria, West Africa. He is the youngest of 11 children. As a youth he became a Christian and served as a singer and a dancer at his local church.  In February 2002 after graduating high school he received a prophecy from a preacher who told him “God will send you to America, He will produce music through you that has never been produced, you’ve been given a light, all you need to do is shine it and people will follow.”  The prophecy became a reality when he was “randomly” selected to move to America as a permanent resident in October 2003 through a Visa lottery.

October 18th 2003 he moved to America where he discovered his passion was to CryOut! for injustice through rap music and to educate his listeners on God’s heart for the Poor.

In 2005 Celestine appeared on MTV Asia while working with a Record company: Rhythm and Boyd in Bangkok Thailand.

2008-2009 Celestine worked as a Hip-Hop choreographer and used rap to teach educational workshops in elementary schools and high schools in Los Angeles, Watts, Compton, etc. Celestine has performed on several music stages and worked with several different musicians and organizations that are passionate about ending injustice around the world.

In  2006-2007 he interned at New Hope Chapel Los Angeles to mentor the youth and went on a trip with 300 youth to Mexico to build homes.

In 2005 Celestine started to study International Business at Cal State Los Angeles and graduated in 2009. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in international business in 2011 after moving to Seattle.

In 2009 he went with a team to Visakhapatnam in southern India to shoot a music video to educate his listeners on the Red-light Districts and around the world. On October of that same year, he and his wife founded CryOut!

On March 2011 he shot his 3rd music video “Africa! One Step At A Time”, while partnering with Divog (Adanu), an organization that builds schools in rural areas in Ghana, Africa.

Celestine’s heart is to cry out for those that can’t for themselves and to bring about community development by partnering with others who have the resources and the passion to impact the oppressed around the world. In Celestine’s words “CryOut! was our response. We relocated from Los Angeles to Renton, Washington and now pour our lives into the youth every day. We decided making a difference is providing a place where they can use music, dance and art as an outlet. A place where they can get help with their education, assistance to become more employable and ready for their lives as adults before adulthood arrives. We’ve served over 300 students, built a music studio, a computer lab, recorded music videos and albums, participated in annual youth development projects, held elementary summer camps, and had youth internship programs to develop leadership and make them more employable.”

Development Director and Co-Founder: Tara Ezinkwo

My name is Tara Ezinkwo, co-founder and Fundraising Director at CryOut! Celestine and I started CryOut! In 2010 because we have a passion to develop young people in their God-given talents and help use their talents to serve others. Another passion for me is to come along side them in their spiritual journey and help them grow in their love and knowledge of God. I’ve been on the board of CryOut! Since it started in 2010. Celestine and I have been married for 6 years and have 3 daughters. 



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