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Celestine Ezinkwo

Executive Director & Cofounder

Tara Ezinkwo

Development Director & Cofounder

Cryout! Celestine
cryout tara

CryOut! was our Vision right after I graduated from college and married my wife. We spent years as volunteers and staff at different community organizations. The more brokenness we saw in our community, the more we wanted to be a part of the change. We witnessed many issues that impact our youth: fatherlessness, violence, discrimination, substance abuse and more.


CryOut! was our response. We relocated from Los Angeles to Renton, Washington where we grew our family from two to five and founded CryOut! After ten years, we relocated back home to start CryOut! L.A. We have seen how providing a place where youth can use music, dance and art as an outlet and have access to assistance with education and employment opportunities changes lives and ultimately, the community as a whole. From its conception, we have served over 1500 students, built a music studio, a computer lab, recorded music videos and albums, participated in annual youth development projects, held elementary summer camps, and youth internship programs. We continue to serve the youth and community in the ways we have seen work.

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