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Our Partners

Without a doubt! Your support, commitment, prayer and friendship have helped pave the way for CryOut! We thank you and hope to continue this special relationship.

If you are interested in becoming a partner please  or donating.

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Athletes in Action: Urban Project Los Angeles

At UP-LA nearly 50 staff and students live together in community in one huge house for three life-changing weeks. Lives, meals, joys, sorrows, laughs, cries, and plenty of late night conversations and hysterics are shared as we seek to learn and to love. UP-LA also focuses on tackling the issues of culture, racism, class, power, poverty, privilege, responsibility, and social justice, and what the Gospel of Christ has to say about these ever-relevant and important issues. Using the book With Justice for All by Dr. John Perkins as a framework for exploring these critical issues, the book distills a Biblical framework, based off of Jesus’ life and ministry, for bringing justice and healthy, holistic development to a community. The Three R’s of community development that Dr. Perkins explains, and has lived out for decades, are Relocation, Reconciliation, and Redistribution. At the Urban Project, our desire is to see students catch a vision of how they can be agents of grace and healing when they return to their respective communities, campuses, and contexts.

Urban Roots Summer Leadership Institute- SPU

Urban Roots is a summer leadership institute for emerging high school-age leaders who want to explore their identity, purpose, and environment as they embrace the challenge of servant-leadership in their communities.

Mosaic Company

Located in Renton, WA,  Mosaic is a training and workforce consulting firm that provides tailored solutions to utilities and oil & gas companies.


We build schools in rural Ghana using education to transform children’s lives – and entire villages – forever.

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