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Vision: Transforming community through reconciliation

Mission: To utilize expressive arts as a platform for youth to cry out for social justice in the community

CryOut! is dedicated to serving youth in Los Angeles, providing tools and resources to discover their own creative and artistic talents and generate a path to college and future employment. 

Youth encounter pain, heartache, and suffering at an extraordinary level today. They struggle to find outlets and constructive dialog to deal with the hurt. This, combined with historical societal issues, creates a sense of ‘injustice in the world' from their perspective. 

CryOut! seeks to be that constructive outlet.

who we are

We use a simple two prong approach to bring about incredible change in the lives of youth.

Curriculum lets them explore. Community reinforces they are not alone.


Social Time

Artistic Expression


Cultural Enrichment

Character Building




Local Influencers

Civic Leaders

Law Enforcement

what we do

Because of the RESULTS. Young people find their passion, become determined to achieve continued justice for self and others and are supportive of and seek positive growth for their community.

why it matters

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