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3125 W 54th St.

Los Angeles, CA.


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11:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Our Vision

Transforming community through reconciliation  

Our Mission

To utilize expressive arts as a platform for youth to cry out for social justice in the community

CryOut was our Vision right after I graduated from college and married my wife. We spent years as volunteers and staff at different community organizations. The more brokenness we saw in our community, the more we wanted to be a part of the change. Some issues we witnessed that impact our youth: Lack of a father at home, violence amongst the youth, discrimination by the law towards people of color, substance abuse, lack of healthy role models, etc. Armed with experience and my International Business Degree, my wife and I decided that we couldn’t just fold our arms and watch, hoping that someone else would do something about these issues. CryOut was our response. We relocated from Los Angeles to Renton, Washington to start CryOut, after 10 years of establishing CryOut Renton, we relocated back to Los Angeles and started CryOut Los Angeles and still pour our lives into the youth every day. We decided making a difference is providing a place where they can use music, dance and art as an outlet. A place where they can get help with their education, assistance to become more employable and ready for their lives as adults before adulthood arrives. It’s been about 11 years now since we founded CryOut, and since then we’ve served over 1500 students, built a music studio, a computer lab, recorded music videos and albums, participated in annual youth development projects, held elementary summer camps, and had youth internship programs to develop leadership and make them more employable. 


Youth encounter pain, heartache, and suffering at an extraordinary level today. They struggle to find outlets and constructive dialog to deal with the hurt. This, combined with historical societal issues, creates a sense of ‘injustice in the world' from their perspective. CryOut seeks to be that constructive outlet.





Local Influencers

Civic Leaders

Law Enforcement


Social Time

Artistic Expression


Cultural Enrichment

Character Building

We use a simple two prong approach to bring about incredible change in the lives of these youth.

The curriculum lets them explore; The community reinforces they are not alone.

Because of the RESULTS. Young people find their passion, become determined to achieve continued justice for self and others and are supportive of and seek positive growth for their community.


Celestine Ezinkwo

Executive Director & Cofounder

Tara Ezinkwo

Development Director & Cofounder

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